Daily Compliance Item 1/28/14- Outside Competition

Scissor Kick is a men’s soccer student-athlete at Ocean State University (OSU).  Scissor wants to participate on an outside team this spring.  Which of the following must occur in order for his participation to be permisible?

A.  Scissor may not begin participating before May 1st.

B.  Scissor may not miss any class time for practice or competition

C.  No more than 4 OSU teammates may participate on Scissor’s team (total limit of 5 OSU student-athletes)

D.  All of the above

The answer is DNCAA Bylaw states that in soccer, women’s volleyball, field hockey and men’s water polo, a student-athlete may compete outside of the institution’s declared playing and practice season as a member of an outside team in any noncollegiate, amateur competition, provided: (Adopted: 1/14/97 effective 8/1/97, Revised: 4/22/98 effective 8/1/98, 1/12/99 effective 5/1/99)

(a) Such participation occurs not earlier than May 1;

(b) In soccer, women’s volleyball and field hockey, the number of student-athletes from any one institution does not exceed the applicable limits set forth in Bylaw 17.28.2;

(c) The competition is approved by the institution’s director of athletics;

(d) No class time is missed for practice activities or for competition; and

(e) In women’s volleyball, all practice and competition is confined to doubles tournaments in outdoor volleyball, either on sand or grass.

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