Daily Compliance Item 1/14/14- Initial Eligibility Waivers

Sky Hook is a men’s basketball prospect.  Sky was deemed a non-qualifier out of high school but recieved an initial eligibility waiver to practice, receive athletic aid and compete during his initial year of enrollment at a four-year institution.  For personal reasons, Sky decided to enroll at a two-year college instead.  Now Sky wants to enroll at Ocean State University (OSU) this fall.  True or False, OSU will consider Sky a qualifier for purposes of fulfilling the two-year college transfer requirements for eligibility this fall.

True.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- 1/10/14-  Application of Two-Year College Transfer Rules to a Nonqualifier Who Received a Fully Approved Initial-Eligibility Waiver (I) – states that  a nonqualifier who previously received a fully approved initial-eligibility waiver (e.g., obvious waiver, automatic waiver, waiver approved by NCAA staff) to permit athletically related financial aid, practice and competition in the initial year of full-time collegiate enrollment is considered a qualifier for purposes of the application of the two-year college transfer requirements.

[References: NCAA Bylaws (qualifier); (initial-eligibility waivers); (qualifier); (not a qualifier); and 14.5.6 (4-2-4 college transfers)]

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