Daily Compliance Item- 12/19/13- 13.2- Prospect Who is Unable to Participate in Athletics

Ocean State University (OSU) has been in contact recently with a local family that has been basketball season ticket holders for many years.  Unfortunately the family’s oldest son, a junior in high school, has developed a physical disability that will preclude him from ever being able to participate in sports again.  Because the family has been loyal supporters, OSU would like to honor the son by presenting him with a basketball jersey at the next home game.  Is this permissible?

Yes with conditions.  NCAA Official Interpretation- 11/1/10- Application of NCAA Bylaw 13 to a Prospective Student-Athlete with no Reasonable Expectation of Participation in Intercollegiate Athletics (I) – states that the restrictions of Bylaw 13 do not apply to a prospective student-athlete who has no reasonable expectation of participating in intercollegiate athletics as a result of a disability or terminal illness, provided he or she is not a relative of a prospective student-athlete who is being recruited by the institution.

[References: Bylaws 13.02.11 (prospective student-athlete), 13.2.1 (general regulation), 13.2.2 (specific prohibitions) 13.10.5 (prospective student-athlete’s visit), 13.10.6 (introduction of prospective student-athlete) and 13.15.1 (precollege expenses — prohibited expenses); official interpretation (10/22/01, Item No. a) and staff interpretation (2/25/10, item a), which have been archived]

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