Daily Compliance Item- 12/16/13- Interim Term Credits

Jing L. Bells is a student-athlete at Ocean State University.       Jing  will be spending her winter break at home and has decided to take a course during a mini-term at a local college to get ahead in her major.  Which of the following is true with regard to certification of eligibility?

For purposes of this example, this course would be accepted with a passing grade at Ocean State University.

A. This course can be used to fulfill the 18/27 hour requirement

B.  This course can be used to fulfill the 6 hour requirement

C.  This course cannot be used to fulfill either requirement

D.  This course can be used to fulfill both requirements

The answer is ANCAA Staff Interpretation- 12/20/06- Credits Earned From Another Institution During an Interim Term (I)-  states that credits taken at another institution during the regular academic year in an interim term (e.g., J-term, mini-term) may be used to satisfy the 18/27-hour requirement, provided the credits are acceptable for degree-credit at the certifying institution. Please note, however, these credits cannot be used to satisfy the six-hour requirement.

[References:  NCAA Division I Bylaws (fulfillment of credit-hour requirements), (credit from other institutions), and an official interpretation (reference:  12/13/05, Item No. 6), which has been archived.]

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