Daily Compliance Item- 11/13/13- Institutional Awards Banquet

Ocean State University will be hosting its annual end of the year women’s soccer banquet in December.  Corn R. Kick, a sophomore student-athlete on the team, will be receiving the offensive player of the year award, so her parents and grandparents would like to attend the event.

Is it permisible for Corn’s parents and grandparents to receive complimentary admissions to attend the institutional banquet?

Yes.  With the adoption of RWG-16-5, complimentary admissions may be provided to family members prior to the student-athlete’s final year of eligibility.

NCAA Bylaw 16.02.4 states that for purposes of Bylaw 16, a family member is an individual with any of the following relationships to a student-athlete: spouse, parent or legal guardian, child, sibling, grandparent, domestic partner or any individual whose close association with the student-athlete is the practical equivalent of a family relationship. (Adopted: 1/19/13 effective 8/1/13)

NCAA Bylaw states that an institution may provide complimentary admissions to an institutional awards banquet for the family members of any student-athlete being honored at the banquet. [R] (Adopted: 11/1/00, Revised: 1/19/13 effective 8/1/13)

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