Daily Compliance Item- 10/21/13- 13.9.2, HS Senior Signing Grant-in-Aid

Held Ball is a senior in high school.  Held is going to graduate in December and will enroll at Ocean State University (OSU) in January and join the basketball team.  OSU would like to proivde Held an athletic scholarship, so last week the coaches sent him a financial aid agreement to sign.

Is it permissible for Held to sign a financial aid agreement with OSU now?

Yes with conditions.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- 10/17/13- Awarding Athletics Aid to a Senior Prospective Student-Athlete who will Graduate and Enroll Midyear (I) – states that  a prospective student-athlete who intends to graduate from high school midyear and enroll at a member institution midyear during the same academic year (e.g., spring semester) may sign an institutional financial aid agreement on or after August 1 of his or her senior year, provided the institution issuing the financial aid agreement establishes, prior to issuing the agreement, that the prospective student-athlete is enrolled in all coursework necessary to graduate from high school at midyear.


[References: NCAA Division I Bylaws 13.9.2 (letter of intent restriction) and (written offer of aid before signing date); and a staff interpretation (12/15/04, Item No. 1a), which has been archived]

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