Daily Compliance Item- 10/8/13- 14.02.9- Joint Practice Session

The men’s and women’s swim teams at Ocean State University are going to participate in a joint practice session with the swim teams at Bay State College this weekend.  Is that permissible?  How do the institutions count this activity?

Yes it is permissible.  A joint practice session with another institution counts as intercollegiate competition.  NCAA Bylaw 14.02.9 states that intercollegiate competition occurs when a student-athlete in either a two-year or a four-year collegiate institution: (Revised: 1/10/95)

(a) Represents the institution in any contest against outside competition, regardless of how the competition is classified (e.g., scrimmage, exhibition or joint practice session with another institution’s team) or whether the student is enrolled in a minimum full-time program of studies; (Revised: 1/10/91)

(b) Competes in the uniform of the institution or, during the academic year, uses any apparel (excluding apparel no longer used by the institution) received from the institution that includes institutional identification; or (Revised:  1/16/93, 1/11/94, 1/9/06)

(c) Competes and receives expenses (e.g., transportation, meals, room or entry fees) from the institution for the competition.

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