Daily Compliance Item- 9/30/13- Scouting

An assistant volleyball coach at Ocean State University (OSU) has a younger sister that plays volleyball at a nearby college.  The assistant coach would like to go watch her sister’s next game but the team is playing against an OSU future opponent.

Is it permissible for the coach to go watch her sister play in a game against a future opponent?


Yes.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- 9/27/13-  Coaching Staff Member who is Parent, Sibling or Spouse of Participant in Contest Involving Future Opponent (I) – states that the prohibition against off-campus scouting of opponents does not preclude a coaching staff member from attending a contest that involves a future opponent if the coaching staff member is the parent or legal guardian, sibling or spouse, of a participant (e.g., player, coach) in the competition.


[References: NCAA Division I Bylaw 11.6.1 (off-campus, in-person scouting prohibition); and official interpretation (11/10/94, Item No. 4) which has been archived; and staff interpretation (8/22/97, Item No. c) which has been archived]

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