Daily Compliance Item- 9/25/13- alumni game

Aerial is a field hockey student-athlete at Ocean State University.  Here is Aerial’s participation record:

2011-12- first year of enrollment- participated in the annual alumni game (exempted contest)

2012-13- 2nd year of enrollment- participated in all 20 contests plus 2 postseason contests

How many seasons of competition has Aerial used going into the 2013-14 academic year?


Aerial has used 1 season of competition.  NCAA Bylaw states that a student-athlete may engage in outside competition in either one alumni game, one fundraising activity or one celebrity sports activity during a season without counting such competition as a season of competition, provided the event is exempted from the institution’s maximum number of contests or dates of competition as permitted in the particular sport per Bylaw 17. (Adopted:  1/16/10 effective 8/1/10)

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