Daily Compliance Item- 9/5/13- 13.5.4- Transportation to a Prospect

Sand Trap is an incoming freshman student-athlete at Ocean State University (OSU).  Sand will be participating on the golf team at OSU and will be receiving a partial athletic scholarship.  To help pay for some of her educational costs, Sand has obtained a part time job at a local copy center.  Her job starts a week before classes begins.  Sand will not be driving her car to school, so she asks the head golf coach for a ride from the airport to the dorms.  Is this permissible?

No.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- 9/4/13-  Transportation on Initial Arrival for Summer Employment (I) – states that  it is not permissible for an institution to transport a prospective student-athlete to campus from the nearest bus or train station or airport when the student arrives to begin a summer job prior to attending classes even if the individual will remain in the locale of the institution to begin classes.

[Reference: NCAA Division I Bylaws (after completion of senior year), (transportation to summer job) and 13.5.4 (transportation to enroll or to attend required orientation); and an official interpretation (04/14/1986, Item No. 4),which has been archived]

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