Daily Compliance Item- 8/28/13- 16.02.3- Visiting Team Packets

The Ocean State University (OSU) volleyball team begins competition this weekend.  They are hosting two schools that joined OSU’s conference this year, so the coaches would like to provide the visiting teams’ coaches and student-athletes with a little “welcome to the conference” care package including conference pins and mugs.

Is this permissible?

Yes.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- 8/26/13-  Providing Goodwill Packages to Visiting Teams (I) – states that it is permissible to provide all teams participating in an institutionally sponsored meet or tournament with a goodwill package containing various mementos (e.g., coffee mugs, candy packets) of nominal value.

[References: NCAA Division I Bylaws 16.02.3 (extra benefit), (general rule), (general rule) and official interpretation (12/16/87, Item No. 3) which has been archived]

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