Daily Compliance Item- 8/26/13- Required Day(s) off

The softball coaches at Ocean State University are scheduling the out of season workouts for the team.  Because of varying class schedules, the student-athletes will be serving the required days off on different days.  Is this permissible?

Yes.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- 8/25/04-  Required Days Off Apply Individually (I) – states that the required day or days off per week (i.e., one per week during the playing season and two per week outside the playing season during the academic year) may apply individually to each student-athlete (as opposed to requiring the entire team to take the same day or days off per week).

[References:  Division I Bylaws (required days off — playing season) and (required days off — outside of the playing season) and a 3/24/93 staff interpretation, item b, which has been archived.]

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