Daily Compliance Item- 8/14/13- Quotes from a Recruiting Service

Ocean State University (OSU) sent out a few press releases this summer announcing new NLI signees.  Quotes from a recruiting service regarding the prospects’ commitment to OSU were included in the releases.  Is this permisible?

Yes with conditions.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- 8/13/13-  Institutional Press Release Including a Quote From a Recruiting or Scouting Service (I) – states that an institution may include a quotation by a recruiting or scouting service about a prospective student-athlete in a media release regarding the prospective student-athlete’s commitment, provided there is no indication that the institution endorses the recruiting or scouting service and the prospective student-athlete has signed a National Letter of Intent (NLI) or the institution’s written offer of admission or financial aid or the institution has received his or her financial deposit in response to its offer of admission. It is not permissible for an institution’s website to include a hyperlink to either the website of a noninstitutional publication that reports primarily on the institution’s athletics program or a recruiting/scouting service.


[References: NCAA Division I Bylaws (recruiting service consultants) and 13.10.3 (publicity after commitment); a staff interpretation (8/4/99, Item No. b, which has been archived); and an official interpretation (11/17/98, Item No. 3, which has been archived)]

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