Daily Compliance Item- 8/2/13- Women’s Basketball Recruiting Model

Ima M. Patient, head women’s basketball coach at Ocean State University, wants to take advantage of the new recruiting rules for their sport as they plan out their recruiting strategy for the year.  They are very interested in Allee Oop, a rising junior in high school, and would like to start telephoning her as of August 1st.

Is this permissible?


No.  NCAA Bylaw states that in women’s basketball, telephone calls to an individual (or the individual’s relatives or legal guardians) may not be made before September 1 at the beginning of the individual’s junior year in high school. Thereafter, an institution may make telephone calls to a prospective student-athlete at its discretion. (Adopted: 4/22/98, Revised: 11/1/01 effective 4/1/02, 4/28/05 effective 8/1/05, 10/17/05, 1/19/13 effective 8/1/13)

With the adoption of NCAA Proposal 13-1, several pieces of recruiting legislation in the sport of women’s basketball have changed as of August 1st.

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