Daily Compliance Item- 8/1/13- Injury During Preseason Football Practice


I hope everyone has enjoyed the summer.  Ready or not several fall sports are going to report back to campus soon and begin preseason activities.  Good luck to everyone during the 2013-14  academic year!!


Ocean State University (OSU) football team began its preseason practice activities two days ago.  Unfortunately one of the student-athletes sustained a serious injury and is no longer able to participate.

Which of the following is true?

A.  The injured student-athlete may be replaced without having to include that individual in OSU’s limit of 105 preseason participants.

B.  The injured student-athlete may continue to receive expenses during the preseason period.

C.  Once replaced, the injured student-athlete will no longer be permitted to participate in any athletically related activities (including meetings, film review, etc.)

D.  All of the above.


The answer is DNCAA Bylaw states that a student-athlete who sustains an injury or illness that prevents further participation in preseason practice activities may be replaced with another student-athlete without including that individual in the institution’s limitation on number of individuals who may participate in preseason practice.  The replaced student-athlete shall cease participation in all athletically related activities (including team meetings and film review) and shall not resume participation in athletically related activities before the institution’s first day of classes or first contest, whichever occurs first.  The replaced student-athlete may continue to receive preseason practice expenses.

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