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How college players saved 1-year-old boy’s life


Most college baseball teams are content with relaxing after a day of traveling.

The Millersville University Marauders planned to take it easy, but instead played the role of rescuers on a rainy day in Johnstown, Pa., on May 8.

Seven Millersville players came to the rescue of a family by saving their 1-year-old boy’s life. Lancaster Online was first to report the story.

The Millersville Athletics department noted that Zach Stone, David Pine, Tyler McDonald, Tyler Orris, Dan Stoltzfus, Evan King and Tyler Thomas were all at the scene when Braydin Norman’s parents were screaming for help. The main paramedic from Johnstown EMS, Mindy Maraj-Owens, confirmed to USA TODAY Sports on Thursday that several baseball players were present when the ambulance arrived to a 911 call.

Stone, Pine and McDonald were the main heroes when it came to saving the child’s life.

The boy, who had a 104-degree fever, was suffering a febrile seizure and choking when the players first encountered the family around 1 a.m. while they were going out for a late snack.

Via Lancaster Online:

“We heard two people screaming in a car, and it turned into driveway right in front of us,” Stone told Lancaster Online. “A dad hopped out of a car and picked up his kid. He just looked limp. … The kid didn’t look like he had any life to him.”

Pine added, “He was screaming and yelling, ‘My son is choking! He’s having a seizure! Somebody help!’ ”

According to the Lancaster Online report, McDonald coached the mother, Megan Norman, and the father, Shane Norman, through CPR while Pine called 911 on his cellphone. Stone was checking for Braydin’s pulse while team members helped comfort the family. After several minutes of CPR, the boy began to open his eyes.

“The parents were very appreciative of the boys,” Maraj-Owens said. “They were panicked and worried for their child’s life when he stopped breathing. They said the players helped save (Braydin). He was alert and oriented when I arrived.”

Mike Brawley, manager of the EMS in Johnstown, said Braydin was transported to Conemaugh Hospital from the family’s location at Somerset and Napoleon streets.

After the team’s heroics, the family tracked down the team through Facebook. One of the Millersville players had placed a bracelet around Braydin’s wrist before he went in the ambulance. The family attended a May 10 game against Gannon as fans.

“Them being there, and being calm, and telling me what to do — it made all the difference in the world,” Megan Norman told Lancaster Online.

“If they hadn’t been walking to get something to eat at 1 in the morning, we could have lost him. I’m very grateful. They are a great group of kids. They have some true fans for life.”

Millersville’s baseball team is 18-6 in the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference and 38-16 overall. They are playing in the Division II NCAA Atlantic Regional today in North Carolina

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