Daily Compliance Item- 5/6/13- Apparel in the Summer

Several softball Ocean State University student-athletes will be attending summer school and would like to continue with workouts.  They asked the equipment manager for a few apparel items for their workouts.  Is it permissible for the institution to provide these student-athletes with apparel?

Yes with conditions.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- 6/11/93-  Student-athlete using institutional athletics apparel during the summer – states that  a student-athlete may use institutional athletics apparel (per the institution’s normal issuance and retrieval policy) during a summer vacation period. Further, such a policy does not have to be applicable to all students and the student-athlete may use laundry services for the athletics apparel. [References: (summer use of athletics equipment). This minute incorporates the 05/27/92 staff minutes, item c, which has been archived.]

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