Daily Compliance Item- 4/29/13- 14.1.10,, Male Students Practicing in the Summer

Ocean State University women’s basketball program has 4-5 male students that have practiced with the team all year.  These male students have really helped the team, so the coaches would like the guys to practice with the team this summer as well.  Is this permissible?

Yes with conditions.  NCAA Interpretation- Staff Interpretation- 4/26/13-  Use of Male Students During Women’s Basketball Summer Athletic Activities (I) – states that  male students may participate in summer athletic activities with women’s basketball student-athletes, provided they are enrolled in summer school, or meet the academic requirements exception to enrollment, and are not receiving any form of financial assistance from the athletics department (e.g., compensation, financial aid).

[References: NCAA Division I Bylaws 14.1.10 (eligibility requirements for male student to practice with women’s teams), (summer athletic activities — basketball) and (exception to summer school enrollment — academic requirements — basketball)]

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