Daily Compliance Item- 4/24/13- 14.1.9- Regaining Elibility

Change Up is a softball student-athlete at Ocean State University (OSU).  Change was eligible at the start of the 2012-13 academic year but became ineligible for the spring 2013 semester because her GPA fell below the minimum requirement.  The softball team will still be competing after the conclusion of the spring semester.  Can Change begin participating in competition once the spring semester is over if she meets all NCAA progress toward degree requirements?

Yes with conditions.  NCAA Official Interpretation- 5/14/04- Certification of Eligibility at the End of the Academic Year- states that a student-athlete who was eligible for competition at the beginning of the academic year, but became ineligible at midyear, (e.g., due to failure to meet the six-hour requirement) could be certified as eligible at the end of the academic year for competition in a season already in progress (e.g., outdoor track and field, baseball) provided the student-athlete meets all applicable progress-toward-degree requirements to be eligible for competition during the subsequent fall term.


[References:  NCAA Bylaws 14.1.10 (change in eligibility status) and 14.4 (progress-toward-degree requirements); and a 4/27/89 official interpretation, Item No. 10]

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