Daily Compliance Item- 4/23/13- 14.6- All-Star Games

Slam Dunk is a senior prospect who will be enrolling at Ocean State University this fall on a full basketball scholarship.  The first day of classes for the fall semester is August 19th.  Slam has been invited to play in three all-star games this summer prior to enrolling.  Is it permissible for Slam to play in all three all-star competitions?

Currently, Bylaw 14.6 states that a student-athlete shall be denied the first year of intercollegiate athletics competition if, following completion of high school eligibility in the student-athlete’s sport and prior to the student-athlete’s high school graduation, the student-athlete competes in more than two all-star football contests or two all-star basketball contests.

WITH THE ADOPTION OF RWG-14-1, the legislation governing all-star games was eliminated.  Consequently there is no longer a two game limit for prospects, so in this scenario it would be permissible for Slam to participate in all three games.

This piece of legislation is effective August 1, 2013, so it will apply to all prospects that enroll at your institution on or after that date.  

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