Daily Compliance Item- 4/22/13-, Conversations During Camp

Lock Down Corner is a junior football prospect that is interested in enrolling at Ocean State University (OSU) for the fall 2014 term.  Lock has not yet had an opportunity to visit campus and has only had limited conversations with the coaching staff.  Lock is going to attend one of OSU’s football camps this summer and would really like to spend some time during the camp speaking with the coaching staff and getting a tour of the whole campus. Is this permissible?

 No.  NCAA Official Interpretation- 4/19/13-  Recruiting Conversations at Camps and Clinics (I) – states that  a camp or clinic is considered an athletics competition or athletics event. Therefore, a host institution’s coaching staff member may not engage in recruiting activities (e.g., campus tours for recruiting purposes, meetings with faculty members, complimentary admissions, extending written offers or aid) other than recruiting conversations with prospective student-athletes participating in the institution’s camp or clinic until after the completion of the camp or clinic. Any recruiting activities that occur after completion of the camp or clinic are subject to applicable recruiting calendar restrictions.

 [References: NCAA Division I Bylaws (practice or competition site); (recruiting calendar exceptions); and staff interpretations (10/02/92, Item No. b) and (03/25/13, Item No. a), which have been archived]

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