Daily Compliance Item- 4/2/13- Medical Exams

As the NFL Draft approaches, several professional teams have sent requests for the results of medical examinations to Ocean State University (OSU) for Shot Gun, its star quarterback.  Shot had shoulder surgery after the season ended last year.  Is this permissible?

Yes with conditions.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- 3/25/13- Medical Examinations Conducted by a Professional Athletics Team (I)- states that medical examinations (e.g., psychological examinations, eye examinations, hearing examinations) conducted by a professional athletics team constitute a tryout designed, in part, to measure the athletics ability of a student-athlete. The staff noted that a member institution is permitted to conduct these examinations in accordance with permissible medical expenses and may provide the results to a professional sports organization at its discretion.


[References: NCAA Bylaws (tryout after enrollment) and 16.4 (medical expenses); and a staff interpretation (02/28/91, Item No. a, which has been archived)]

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