Daily Compliance- 2/27/13- 16.02.3, Picnic for Parents

Ocean State University (OSU) will be conducting its annual spring football game in a few weeks.  The coaches would like to host a picnic for the parents after the game.  Is it permissible for OSU to provide this benefit to the parents?

No.  NCAA Official Interpretation- 4/13/90-Picnic expenses for parents of student-athletes– states that the provisions of Bylaw 16.02.3 would preclude an institution from providing a meal for parents of student-athletes at the conclusion of its spring 1990 football game, unless the parents are charged for the cost of the meal.

This type of benefit could be permissible, however, if the picnic meets the parameters in Bylaw

Bylaw– An institution may provide the family members of a student-athlete with reasonable food and drinks in conjunction with educational meetings or celebratory events (e.g., senior night) and on an occasional basis for other reasons. [R] ((Adopted: 4/27/00 effective 8/1/00, Revised: 4/25/02 effective 8/1/02, 1/16/10, 1/19/13 effective 8/1/13).  This bylaw was slightly updated with the adoption of RWG Proposal 16-5.

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