Daily Compliance Item- 2/26/13- Snacks for Siblings on OV

High Post is a prospective student-athlete being recruited by a lot of Division I basketball coaches across the country.  High is going to take an official visit to Ocean State University (OSU) this weekend, and he would like to bring his parents and little brother Low with him.  Low is in first grade and is a huge basketball fan.

The Athletic Director will be hosting High and his family at his house Saturday night for dessert.  Since OSU cannot provide meals for Low, does High’s family have to pay the cost of the dessert for Low?

No.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- 5/8/92- Brother or sister of prospect provided an after-meal snack– states that during an official visit, the sibling of a prospective student-athlete may receive a dessert or after-dinner snack at the home of an institutional staff member (e.g., the director of athletics, coach, faculty member or the institution’s president).

NCAA Bylaw– The cost of actual meals, not to exceed three per day, on the official visit for a prospective student-athlete and the prospective student-athlete’s parents, legal guardians, spouse or children need not be included in the $40-per-day entertainment expense. Meals must be comparable to those provided to student-athletes during the academic year. A reasonable snack (e.g., pizza, hamburger) may be provided in addition to the three meals.

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