Daily Compliance Item- 2/25/13- Use of Retake SAT Score

Andy Athlete is a freshman student-athlete at Ocean State University.  Andy was certified as a qualifier by the NCAA Eligibility Center at the beginning of the academic year.  During the fall term, Andy’s SAT score was invalidated by SAT officials.  Andy retook the test in December and achieved a high enough score to maintain qualifier status but not high enough to validate the original score.  Can Andy use this re-take score taken after initial full-time enrollment to meet initial eligibility requirements?

No.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- 2/14/13- Use of Retest SAT or ACT Scores for Initial Eligibility (I)- states that if a student-athlete is required to retake the SAT or ACT following initial, full-time collegiate enrollment because the validity of the student-athlete’s qualifying test score achieved prior to enrollment is challenged, the student-athlete would be considered to have satisfied the test-score time limitation if the retest score is high enough to validate the pre-enrollment score. However, if the student-athlete’s score on the postenrollment retest is high enough to be considered a qualifying score but is not high enough to validate the pre-enrollment score, the student-athlete would not be considered to have satisfied the test-score time limitation. Only private retest scores achieved through a standardized examination, administered in accordance with secure procedures set forth by the testing agency (no residual campus testing) may be used to satisfy initial-eligibility requirements. Such a retest is not required to be administered on a national testing date.

[References: Bylaws (test-score requirements) and (test-score time limitation); official interpretation (08/14/1996 Item No. 5-a-8) and staff interpretation (07/16/1999 Item No. a) which have been archived]

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