Daily Compliance Item- 2/12/13- Competing in an Open Lane

Kilo Meter is a track student-athlete at Ocean State University.  Kilo is red-shirting this year but would like to compete in a few meets as an unattached athlete.  If Kilo participates in an open lane during a collegiate competition between two institutions, will she have utilized a season of competition?

Yes.  NCAA Official Interpretation- 5/8/95- Student-Athletes Participating in ‘Open Lanes’ as Part of Collegiate Competition- states that a student-athlete who participates in an open lane as part of a collegiate competition (e.g., dual meet) is considered to be representing the institution against outside competition, regardless of whether the student-athlete’s performance is included in the scoring of the competition. Under such circumstances, the student-athlete’s participation satisfies the definition of intercollegiate competition and the student-athlete is charged with both a date of competition/contest and a season of competition in the applicable sport. [Reference: 14.02.6-(a) (intercollegiate competition)]

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