Daily Compliance Item- 2/5/13-, 13.10.6- Introduction of Prospects

The Ocean State University (OSU) Chemistry Department is hosting a group of prospects today that finished first at a regional science fair.  OSU has provided the prospects with complimentary admissions to tonight’s women’s basketball game and would like to introduce them prior to the start of the game.

Is this permissible?


Yes as long as the prospects are only identified as a group.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- 1/31/13-Staff Interpretation-Introduction of Prospective Student-Athletes at an Athletics Contest (I)- states that a member institution is permitted to introduce a group that includes prospective student-athletes at an intercollegiate athletics contest, provided the group is visiting campus on a basis unrelated to recruitment and the prospective student-athletes are introduced by group name only.


[References: NCAA Bylaws 13.10.6 (introduction of prospective student-athlete); 13.2.1 (general regulation); (visit unrelated to recruitment); and a staff interpretation (01/20/89), Item No. b), which has been archived]


This legislation is applicable to Division I and II.

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