Daily Compliance Item- 1/30/13- Use of Picture in Promotional Activity

Four men’s basketball student-athletes at Ocean State University created a club card/flyer to promote an after-game party at a night club following the Superbowl this weekend.  Student-Athletes are working with an entertainment company and have distributed the flyers on campus during the the past two weeks.  All four student-athletes provided photos of themselves for use on the flyer to assist with promotions. The student-athletes did not think there actions were in violation of any NCAA Bylaws because one of the student-athletes paid for the creation of the flyer.  Additionally, the student-athletes will not receive any compensation for event.

Is this a violation?

Yes.  NCAA Bylaw states that after becoming a student-athlete, an individual shall not be eligible for participation in intercollegiate athletics if the individual:

(a) Accepts any remuneration for or permits the use of his or her name or picture to advertise, recommend or promote directly the sale or use of a commercial product or service of any kind; or

(b) Receives remuneration for endorsing a commercial product or service through the individual’s use of such product or service.


This is an actual fact pattern of a secondary rules violation posted on LSDBi.

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