Daily Compliance Item- 1/21/13-

Strike Zone is a softball student-athlete at Ocean State University (OSU).  During the 2011-12 academic year, Strike only participated in an alumni game for OSU.  The alumni game met the parameters for the game to be exempted from counting against the maximum of 56 contests allowed.

Because Strike only participated in one contest that was exempted from counting against the 56 game limit, did Base utilize a season of competition during the 2011-12 academic year?

No.  NCAA Bylaw states that a student-athlete may engage in outside competition in either one alumni game, one fundraising activity or one celebrity sports activity during a season without counting such competition as a season of competition, provided the event is exempted from the institution’s maximum number of contests or dates of competition as permitted in the particular sport per Bylaw 17. (Adopted:  1/16/10 effective 8/1/10)

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