Daily Compliance Item- 12/11/12- Participation Gift

Hard Count is a football student-athlete at Ocean State University.  Hard is participating in the Festivus Bowl and will receive a ring from the bowl organization.  Hard would prefer a watch over a ring, so he asks a local jeweler if he can exchange the ring for a watch.  As long as the watch does not cost more than the ring, this would be permissible.

A.  True

B.  False

The answer is B. FalseNCAA Bylaw 16.1.4 states that athletics awards given to individual student-athletes shall be limited to those approved or administered by the member institution, its conference or an approved agency as specified in the following subsections and shall be limited in value and number as specified in this section.  Awards received for intercollegiate athletics participation may not be sold, exchanged or assigned for another item of value, even if the student-athlete’s name or picture does not appear on the award.  Each of the following subsections is independent of the others so that it is permissible for an individual student-athlete to receive the awards described in all subsections.

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