Daily Compliance Item- 11/30/12- Student Host During Vacation Period

The men’s soccer coaches at Ocean State University are hosting a few prospects on official visits during the holiday break in between the fall and spring semesters.  Although the season is over, a few soccer student-athletes will be in town and available to serve as student hosts. These student-athletes live in the dorms, which are closed for the holiday at the time of the official visits.  Is it permissible for the coaches to provide room expenses to these student-athletes since they are serving as student hosts?  Can the student-athletes stay in the hotel with the prospects?

It is not permissible to provide lodging expenses to student hosts during a vacation period.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- 12/20/91-Student host receiving expenses during official vacation period- states that an institution financing an official visit to a prospective student-athlete may not provide lodging expenses to a student-athlete serving as a student host; further, a student-athlete serving as a student host during the institution’s official vacation period would be permitted to receive meals.

NCAA Staff Interpretation- 4/13/94- Student Host Staying in Hotel Room With Prospect- states that an institution, at its discretion, may allow a student host to stay in the prospective student-athlete’s hotel room during an official visit, provided the official visit does not occur during a vacation period.


This legislation applies to Division I and II.

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