Daily Compliance Item- 11/20/12- Occasional Meals

Ocean State University (OSU) has several student-athletes remaining on campus during the Thanksgiving Holiday.  Because these individuals will be unable to have Thanksgiving dinner with their families, John Pilgrim, one of OSU’s biggest supporters, would like to provide them a meal on Thursday.  The meal will be held in the basketball arena and will be open to all student-athletes that have to remain on campus.  NCAA legislation allows a booster to provide a meal in a facility regularly used for competition.  Is it permissible to host the meal in the basketball arena if not all the student-athletes invited compete in this facility?

Yes.  NCAA Educational Column- 1/14/2010-Proposal No. 2009-74 Awards, Benefits and Expenses — Benefits, Gifts and Services — Occasional Meals — Location of Meal Provided By Representative of Athletics Interests (I)- states that: 


Question:  Does the occasional meal have to be provided in the sport’s facility regularly used for home competition for the particular sport for which the meal is provided?  For example, may the soccer team have an occasional meal in the basketball facility?

Answer:  The facility does not have to be specific to the sport for which the meal is provided.

Question:  Must the facility be owned by the institution?

Answer:  No.

Question:  What qualifies as “a facility that is regularly used for home competition”?

Answer:  One that the institution uses for a majority of its home competitions in a particular sport.

Question:  May the occasional meal occur at a restaurant located on campus?

Answer:  Yes.


This legislation is applicable to both Division I and II.

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