Daily Compliance Item- 11/19/12- Football Eligibility Requirement

Blown Coverage is a football student-athlete at Ocean State University. What is the minimum number of credit hours Blown must successfully complete during this fall term in order to be eligible for competition at the start of the 2013 season?

A.  6 hours

B.  9 hours

C.  18 hours

D.  No credit hour requirements


The answer is BNCAA Bylaw state that in football, a student-athlete who is a member of the institution’s football team and who does not successfully complete at least nine-semester hours or eight-quarter hours of academic credit during the fall term and earn the Academic Progress Rate eligibility point for the fall term shall not be eligible to compete in the first four contests against outside competition in the following playing season.  (Adopted:  4/28/11 effective 8/1/11)


This is Division I Legislation.

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