Daily Compliance Item- 11/13/13- Figure 16-1- Performance Awards

Ocean State University will be participating in the 20th Annual New England Classic Volleyball Tournament this weekend.    The organization conducting the event wants to provide an all-tournament team award to the designated student-athletes from each team.  Is this permissible?

Yes with conditions.  NCAA Official Interpretation- 11/8/12- Special Event Participation Awards Based on Level of Achievement (I)- states that the committee determined that special event participation awards may include awards that are based on a level of achievement (e.g., all-tournament award, finalist award, place-finish award) in the event, provided the awards are uniform within each level and the combined value of all awards received for participation in the particular type of special event (e.g., conference championship; other established meets, tournaments and featured individual competition) does not exceed the legislated maximum value.

[References: NCAA Division I Bylaws 16.1.2 (uniformity of awards), (participation awards), Figure 16-1 (participation awards) and a staff interpretation (12/13/91, Item No. e)]

This applies to Division I.

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