Daily Compliance Item- 10/22/12- 13.10.3- Former Student-Athlete / Current High School Coach

Ocean State University conducts a weekly radio show with the head football coach.  On last night’s show, they interviewed a former football student-athlete who is now a high school coach at a local high school.

Is it permissible for the high school coach to participate on the radio show since he is a former student-athlete?

No.  NCAA Bylaw 13.10.3 states that a member institution shall not permit a prospective student-athlete or a high school, college preparatory school or two-year college coach to appear, be interviewed or otherwise be involved (in person or via film, audio tape or videotape) on: [D] (Revised: 8/15/04)

(a) A radio or television program conducted by the institution’s coach;

(b) A program in which the institution’s coach is participating; or

(c) A program for which a member of the institution’s athletics staff has been instrumental in arranging for the appearance of the prospective student-athlete or coach or related program material.


PLEASE NOTE:  This is an actual fact pattern for a secondary rules violation posted on LSDBi

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