Daily Compliance Item- 10/1/12- Booster who is a Newspaper Reporter

Scoop Shults is a booster of Ocean State University (OSU).  Scoop is also a longtime sports journalist for the Journal, a local newspaper.  As part of the job, Scoops frequently interviews athletes for feature stories.  His next article is going to spotlight a top local football prospect that is being recruited by OSU.  Since Scoop is an OSU booster, is he allowed to interview the prospect to help with the article?

Yes with conditions.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- 7/212/93-Booster who works with a media entity having contact with prospective student-athlete– states that a media entity (e.g., radio, talk show host, newspaper reporter) who also is a representative of an institution’s athletics interests may have contact with a prospective student-athlete, provided the contact is through a normal working relationship and not for the purpose of recruiting the prospective student-athlete. [References: (general exceptions); (contacts subsequent to signing NLI); 13.11.2 (radio/TV show), and 04/13/90 NCAA Interpretations Committee minutes, Item No. 6]

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