Daily Compliance Item- 9/26/12- Outside Consultants

The Ocean State University (OSU) Athletic Director invited Oh N. Two, a local motivational speaker, to come by and do a presentation for all of the OSU student-athletes. Oh played baseball in college, so he stopped by the field to watch practice following the presentation.  During practice, Oh offered some instruction to the pitchers on proper technique.  For purposes of this example, OSU baseball coaching staff includes one head coach, two assistant coaches and a volunteer coach.

Since Oh only provided instruction one time to a select group of baseball student-athletes, is this a violation?

Yes.  NCAA Bylaw states that an institution may use or arrange for a temporary consultant to provide in-service training for the coaching staff, but no interaction with student-athletes is permitted unless the individual is counted against the applicable coaching limits. An outside consultant may not be involved in any on- or off-field or on- or off-court coaching activities (e.g., attending practices and meetings involving coaching activities, formulating game plans, analyzing video involving the institution’s or opponent’s team) without counting the consultant in the coaching limitations in that sport.


PLEASE NOTE:  This fact pattern is an actual secondary violations case posted on LSDBi.

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