FW: Daily Compliance Item- 9/18/12- 12.4.1, Endorsing Political Candidate

Cad Dee is a golf student-athlete at Ocean State University.  With political science being his major, Cad is very interested in the upcoming election and would like to help out with one of the candidate’s campaigns.  Is it permissible for Cad to endorse a candidate running for office?

Yes.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- 12/30/87- Student-athlete endorsement of political candidate- states that enrolled student-athletes could be involved in the endorsement of a political candidate provided the student-athletes receive no remuneration for their involvement and are not obligated to make any time commitments; suggested that the following disclaimer be utilized in any press releases containing their names:

“The student-athletes are acting as citizens of the state, and do not necessarily represent the views of their institutions of higher education or the NCAA.”

Current employment legislation (Bylaw 12.4.1) would allow a student-athlete to earn income as any other employee in the candidate’s office (e.g., stuffing envelopes, handing out fliers).

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