Daily Compliance Item- 9/17/12- 11.01.4- Undergraduate Coach Employment

Boot Leg is a football student-athlete at Ocean State University (OSU).  Boot was significantly injured during the season last year and was told he will never again be able to participate in the sport.  Boot really wants to stay at OSU to complete his degree and remain a part of the football program, so the coaches are allowing him to keep his full scholarship and serve as an undergraduate assistant coach.  OSU is closed for a week in October for fall break, but Boot is unable to go home to see his family.  The coaches would like to pay Boot to do some extra clerical jobs during that week.  Since Boot is receiving a full athletic scholarship, is OSU permitted to provide Boot with additional compensation during this vacation period?

No.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- 12/6/95-Employment of Undergraduate Assistant Coach in Athletics Department- states that it is not permissible for an institution to provide additional compensation (in excess of the value of a full grant) to an undergraduate coach for coaching duties performed during a vacation period. [References: NCAA Bylaws 11.02.5-(e) (coach, undergraduate assistant); (exempted institutional financial aid); (Christmas vacation employment); and NCAA Interpretations Committee minute, 10/07/93, Item No. 2)]

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