Daily Compliance Item- 9/13/12- Men’s Basketball Evaluation and Contact

The men’s basketball coaches at Ocean State University (OSU) are going to watch Bank Shot, a junior prospect, practice at his school tomorrow.  If the OSU coaches also speak to Bank after practice, how many recruiting opportunities will they use?

A.  2- one for practice and one for contact

B.  1- one for practice and none for contact

C.  The coaches are not allowed to watch practice or have contact with Bank

D.  None of the above

The answer is ANCAA Bylaw states that in sports other than football, if a coach makes an in-person recruiting contact at a prospective student-athlete’s educational institution, all evaluations (other than observations of athletically related activities) made on that calendar day at the prospective student-athlete’s educational institution shall not count among the permissible number of evaluations (set forth in Bylaw 13.1.7) for any prospective student-athlete at that institution in the applicable sport. In football, any evaluation activity that occurs during a permissible contact period shall count only as a contact per Bylaws and (Adopted: 1/10/92, Revised: 1/10/95 effective 8/1/95, 10/14/06)

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