Daily Compliance Item- 9/11/12- Graduation and Credit Hour Requirements

Dub L. Hit is a volleyball student-athlete at Ocean State University.  Dub graduated during the spring 2012 semester completing 5 degree applicable hours that term.  Since Dub did not fulfill the 6 hour requirement, is she eligible to compete during the fall 2012 semester?


For purposes of this scenario, Dub met all other progress toward degree requirements.


Yes.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- 8/24/12-Graduation and Credit-Hour Requirements (I) Date Published: August 24, 2012– states that a student-athlete who receives a baccalaureate degree is not required to have met the credit-hour requirements in the preceding regular academic term or terms in order to be eligible for competition in the regular academic term immediately following the receipt of the degree.


[References: NCAA Bylaws (fulfillment of credit-hour requirements), (additional requirements — football), (regaining eligibility for two contests), (regaining full eligibility — one-time exception), and (exceptions to progress-toward-degree rule)]

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