Daily Compliance Item- 8/30/12- Time Zones for Telephone Calls

The football recruiting coordinator at Ocean State University (OSU) is dividing up the telephone calls to senior prospects.  There are several prospects located in different time zones.  In these situations, do the OSU coaches use their time zone or the prospect’s time zone to determine when calls may be made?


The coaches will use the time zone where the prospect is located.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- 6/24/98-Telephone Calls to Prospects- states that the membership services staff reviewed the provisions of NCAA Bylaw regarding the permissible time period for making telephone calls to prospects and determined that the time zone (e.g., Eastern, Standard, Pacific) where the prospect is located (as opposed to the location from where the call is being placed) should be used in determining when such calls may be made.


[Reference: (time period for telephone calls — general rule)]

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