Daily Compliance Item- 8/17/12- Current Event

Roy Williams admits ‘serious mistakes’ were made at UNC




The academic scandal at North Carolina, which already has led to the football team getting a bowl ban this season and to an internal investigation about the validity of numerous classes in one department, has grown in scope and size in the last week.


The accidental unveiling on the school’s website of the transcript of former football — and basketball — player Julius Peppers has brought questions about the eligibility of athletes beyond football and whether the questionable courses in the department of African and Afro-American Studies dates back further than the four years covered by the school’s investigation. Peppers was at UNC from 1998-2001.


Basketball coach Roy Williams, in an appearance Thursday on a Charlotte radio station, was asked about the scandal.


After saying he didn’t really want to give his opinion, the man who has coached his alma mater to two NCAA titles since becoming head coach in 2003, expounded and expanded on that:

“You know, I’m bothered by a lot of stuff. I’m bothered by some sensationalism that’s going on. I’m bothered by problems that we have. I’m bothered by mistakes that we have made. But you know, I think in my own opinion it’s best for me to keep my mouth shut and let our administrative people take care of it. …

“And I do think, I have some very strong opinions and yet as soon as I make some strong opinions or anything, then everybody decides to take their bow and arrow and a shotgun and a machine gun and the bazooka and everything out. But for me, I’m going to wait and see what happens at the end, and let those people that are supposed to be taking care of it, take care of it.

But it’s not something that I’m enjoying, I can tell you that.”

He went on to defend his teams’ academic track record at Kansas and UNC, pointing out the accomplishments of center Tyler Zeller, the 2012 Academic All-American of the year in men’s basketball.

But he did admit that there are still problems.

I don’t think you can put your head in the sand and say, oh, we’re all right – it’s just people making things up. I’m not saying that. There’s been some mistakes made, and there’s been some serious mistakes. But I do think that some of it has been a little sensationalized, also.”

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