Daily Compliance Item- 5/23/12- Expenses for Student-Athletes that Exhausted Eligibility

There are several student-athletes at Ocean State University that will be participating in tryout events for the Olympic Games.  These individuals exhausted eligibility during the 2011-12 academic year and still have time remaining on their five-year clock.  Is it permissible for Ocean State University to provide expenses for these student-athletes to participate in tryout events?


Yes.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- 11/15/95- Expenses To a Student-Athlete Who Has Exhausted Eligibility- states that an institution may provide a student-athlete actual and necessary expenses for the student-athlete to participate in Olympic, Pan American and World University tryouts provided the student-athlete was eligible to represent the institution the previous academic year the tryouts or qualifying competition occurs during the following summer after the student-athlete has exhausted eligibility and the student-athlete has time remaining on his or her five-year clock. [Note: This minute replaces staff minutes 04/26/91, item b, which has been archived.] [References: NCAA Interpretations Committee minutes 08/22/90, Item No. 9, and NCAA Bylaw (expenses provided by the institution for practice and competition)]

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