Daily Compliance Item- 5/17/12- Expenses and Benefits for Olympic Team Members

Flip Turn is a swimming student-athlete at Ocean State University.  Flip has qualified for the Olympic Games and will be joining Team USA in London this summer.  In addition to actual and necessary expenses, each US Olympic team member will receive other non-monetary expenses and benefits incidental to their participation in the event.


Is it permissible for Flip to receive those same incidental expenses and benefits as her teammates?


Yes.  NCAA Bylaw states that it is permissible for members of an Olympic team to receive all nonmonetary benefits and awards provided to members of an Olympic team beyond actual and necessary expenses, including entertainment, equipment, clothing, long distance telephone service, Internet access, and any other item or service for which it can be demonstrated that the same benefit is available to all members of that nation’s Olympic team or the specific sport Olympic team in question.

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