Daily Compliance Item- 5/14/12- Men’s Basketball Institutional Camps

The men’s basketball coaches at Ocean State University would like to conduct an institutional camp during one of the dead periods in July.  Is this permissible?



No.  NCAA Bylaw states that the interaction during sports camps and clinics between prospective student-athletes and those coaches employed by the camp or clinic is not subject to the recruiting calendar restrictions.  However, an institutional staff member employed at any camp or clinic (e.g., counselor, director) is prohibited from recruiting any prospective student-athlete during the time period that the camp or clinic is conducted (from the time the prospective student-athlete reports to the camp or clinic until the conclusion of all camp activities).  The prohibition against recruiting includes extending written offers of financial aid to any prospective student-athlete during his or her attendance at the camp or clinic (see Bylaw, but does not include recruiting conversations between the certifying institution’s coach and a participating prospective student-athlete during the institution’s camps or clinics. Other coaches wishing to attend the camp as observers must comply with appropriate recruiting contact and evaluation periods.  In addition, institutional camps or clinics may not be conducted during a dead period


[Please Note: The NCAA Division I Legislative Council Subcommittee for Legislative Relief approved, with conditions, a blanket waiver to permit camps for prospective student-athletes during the former evaluation periods, July 6-15 and July 22-31, provided institutions demonstrate camps were scheduled on or before October 27, 2011. Institutions must provide documentation to respective conference offices to verify the camp was scheduled prior to the adoption of the new legislation. Documentation may include contracts, facility request forms or rental agreements, camp approval forms or verification of the date when promotional materials were ordered and must be dated on or before October 27, 2011, in order for relief to be provided. In addition, the institution must demonstrate why it was unable to reschedule the camp to a permissible time period within the current legislation, due to a scheduling conflict, through documentation, such as facility calendars or rental agreements. This waiver does not provide relief for camps to be scheduled during the timeframe that is a dead period under the previous and current legislation (July 16 through 4:59 p.m. July 18)]. 

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