Daily Compliance Item- 5/10/12- 13.5.3- Unofficial Visit Transportation

Wind Up is a prospective student-athlete interested in playing baseball at Ocean State University.  Wind will visit Ocean State University’s campus this weekend on an unofficial visit.  Wind is going to bring his father and uncle with him.


Ocean State University’s baseball stadium is located off-campus on the other side of town.  Is it permissible for Ocean State University to provide transportation to Wind, his father and uncle to view the stadium?


Yes.  NCAA 5/23/11 Staff Interpretation- Providing Transportation to Those Persons Accompanying a Prospective Student-Athlete on an Unofficial Visit (I)- states that an institution may provide those persons accompanying the prospective student-athlete on an unofficial visit with transportation only to view off-campus practice and competition sites in the prospective student-athlete’s sport and other institutional facilities.


[References: NCAA Bylaws 13.5.1 (general restrictions) and 13.5.3 (transportation on unofficial visit), and staff interpretation (7/11/90, Item No. d), which has been archived]

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