Daily Compliance Item- 5/1/12-

The baseball coaches at Ocean State University are very interested in R.B.I, one of the top junior prospects in the country.  The head coach is unable to attend R.B.I’s game this weekend, so he asks one of the assistant coaches to go and videotape the competition.  Is it permissible for the assistant coach to videotape the game?
Yes.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- 12/8/04-Institution’s Coaching Staff Videotaping Prospective Student-Athletes (I)- states that an institution’s coaching staff member may videotape a prospect’s regular practice sessions and regular game competition (e.g., high school or club team competition) during contact or evaluation periods, including any summer evaluation periods, provided the coaching staff member does not arrange or direct the prospect’s activities.  It is not permissible to videotape summer camp competition because it is not considered regular game competition.  [References:  NCAA Division I Bylaws (high school prospects), 13.12.1 (tryouts-prohibited activities) and (video services); a 4/2/87 official interpretation, Item No. 6; a 10/12/94 staff interpretation, item a, which has been archived and a 4/25/88 staff interpretation, item d]

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