Daily Compliance Item- 4/26/12-

The men’s basketball coaches at Ocean State University (OSU) are recruiting Fade A. Way, one of the top junior prospects in the country.  Fade has been invited to tryout for the World University Championship Games this summer, so a lot of coaches are wanting to watch the tryout.  The dates for the tryout are during a dead period.  Since the World University Championships is an elite international event, is it permissible for the coaches to watch the tryout associated with the event during a dead period?


No.  NCAA Bylaw states that coaching staff members may attend Olympic, Pan American, World Championships, World Cup, World University Games or World University Championships competition that occurs outside the permissible contact and evaluation periods.  However, attendance at qualifying competition for such events, including tryouts, remains subject to the applicable recruiting calendars. (Adopted: 1/9/06 effective 8/1/06, Revised: 1/14/12)

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