Daily Compliance Item- 4/19/12-

The Ocean State University (OSU) women’s basketball coaches are recruiting Charity Stripe, a junior in high school. Charity’s father is an assistant coach for her non-scholastic team and is the head coach of her high school team. Can OSU communicate with Charity’s father above and beyond the permissible limits for telephone calls with parents as long as the discussions do not involve the recruitment of Charity and only pertain to the recruitment of Charity’s teammates? The answer is yes. NCAA Bylaw that an institution may not have any additional communication with a parent or legal guardian of a prospective student-athlete who serves on the staff of his or her daughter’s non-scholastic team unless the parent or legal guardian also serves as a head coach of his or her daughter’s scholastic team and the additional communication is unrelated to recruitment of his or her daughter. (Revised: 10/27/06) Given recent infractions cases in this area, institutions should keep records on file to document such calls.

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